Romanian AK Parts Kit

Romanian AK Parts Kit

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We just received another shipment of AK Parts kits. These kits are really nice and are complete with 1 x 30 rd. magazine, sling and bayonet. Once these kits are gone there will be no more at this price. You will receive "free" items with a value of $45.00.

The Military Surplus AKM Romanian fixed stock Parts Kits are complete and most important, they are de-milled properly. Each gun was carefully taken apart and all rivets were carefully removed. These kits are perfect to build your own AK semi auto rifle.

These professionally demilled kits are the perfect starting point for a high-quality AKM-47 build. You get the entire parts kit – that means virtually every part from the original stamped receiver rifle except a barrel and receiver. HURRY - EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES.

Remember to follow all local rules and regulations when assembling a firearm for personal use. Be aware that a certain number of US-made parts will need to be replaced for 922R compliance. If you are building an AK-47 with a US-made receiver and barrel, in general you only need a few more US-made parts to be compliant.

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