Yugoslavian Refurbished M98 Mauser

Yugoslavian Refurbished M98 Mauser

SKU: yugoslavian-refurbished m98 mauser

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K.98 German WW2 captured and refurbished in Yugoslavia.

These K.98 are original German made. When the German troops left the territory of Yugoslavia in 1944 they left a bunch of war material behind including K.98 rifles.

The Yugoslavians under General Tito took these guns and brought them to the Zastava factory where they were refurbished, and the Yugo crest was stamped on top of the receiver. This is a must for every Mauser collector. We were lucky to find this variety of collector rifles in Africa. This is a once in a lifetime chance to complete your collection. Do not wait and lose this opportunity. The rifles are in good turn in condition.